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Single Channel Relay Board PCB
Single Channel Relay Board PCB
Model: RBP-01C
Relay Board allows you to control larger loads and devices like AC or DC motors, fans, light bulbs etc.

   • Reverse polarity and Back emf protection.
   • Screw terminals for relay connections.
   • Relay Board has an LED to indicate when relay is operated.
   • Signal input for direct connection to Microcontroller, Arduino or any TTL output pins.
   • Test Button for (without signal) Relay and load testing.
   • Use 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 18V and 24V 5Pin relay.

Rs 79.00     Rs 70.00

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape
PVC Electrical Insulation Tape
Model: PVCT18mm
Steelgrip 18mm PVC Electrical Insulation Tape for Indoor & Outdoor applications
Length: 6.5 meters

Rs 12.00     Rs 11.00