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100uH Inductor

Model: IND100
100uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 5.00

680uH Inductor

Model: IND680
680uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 6.00

10uH Inductor

Model: IND010
10uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 5.00

3.3uH Inductor

Model: IND0033
3.3uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 5.00

33uH Inductor

Model: IND033
33uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 5.00

1uH Inductor

Model: IND0010
1uH Epoxy Coated Color Band Identifier Inductor

Price: Rs 5.00

2-22 pF Variable Capacitor - Trimmer

Model: CAPV2-22
2-22 pF Variable Capacitor - Trimmer

Price: Rs 5.00

74LS107 - Dual JK Flip-Flop

Model: 74LS107N
Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with Clear

Price: Rs 20.00

74LS107 - Dual JK Flip-Flop

Model: SN74LS107
Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with Clear

Price: Rs 20.00

BF494 NPN Medium Frequency Transistor

Model: BF494
BF494 NPN Medium Frequency Transistor

Price: Rs 4.00

2N3904 NPN General Purpose Transistor

Model: 2N3904
2N3904 transistor is a small, common NPN BJT transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or High-speed switching applications.

Price: Rs 3.00

2N3906 PNP General Purpose Transistor

Model: 2N3906
2N3906 PNP General Purpose Bipolar Junction Transistor in TO-92

Price: Rs 3.00

Motor Clamp - Mounting Bracket

Model: BMC
Clamp for Plastic Gear Motor.

Price: Rs 10.00

Plastic Gear Motor Single Shaft

Model: PGMSS60
This is a Low cost single shaft DC geared motor. It is most suitable for light weight robot requiring small power
Voltage: 3V to 12V
RPM: 60 at 12V

Price: Rs 70.00

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

Model: PVCT18mm
Steelgrip 18mm PVC Electrical Insulation Tape for Indoor & Outdoor applications
Length: 8 meters

Rs 12.00 Rs 11.00

Breadboard Jumper Wire 20 Pcs

Model: BJW22SWG-20
Pre-cut and pre-stripped wires simplify and speed up breadboarding work. If you want your prototyping neat and looks nicer and easier to debug, here is something you might be interested. Various colors and different lengths of jumper wire, perfectly fit for breadboard.
Wire: 22SWG Insulated Solid Tinned Copper.

Price: Rs 14.00

Crystal 27 MHz

Model: QCO 27 MHz
27 MHz Standard Quartz Crystal

Price: Rs 23.00

Heatsink TO-220 PI49-19mm

Model: HS-PI49-19
Black Anodized Aluminium Heatsink to dissipate heat from any TO-220 package Voltage Regulators or Transistors.
Length: 19mm (0.75").

Price: Rs 9.50

Red Oval LED Diffused Lens

Model: L5ORD
Red Oval LED Diffused Lens.
Size: 5.2mm x 3.8mm

Price: Rs 1.00

Yellow Oval LED Diffused Lens

Model: L5OYD
Yellow Oval LED Diffused Lens.
Size: 5.2mm x 3.8mm

Price: Rs 1.00

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