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1A 12V Regulated DC Power Supply - 7812

1A 12V Regulated DC Power Supply - 7812

Availability: On Your Request
Weight: 50.00g ±5%
Product Code: RPS-Fixed-7812-AK
Category: Projects On PCB

Rs 288.00

Available Options:
Filter Capacitor:

Rectifier Diode:

Assembled 1A Regulated Power Supply - Full Wave Bridge Rectifier and 7812

This kit is a quick, neat, and inexpensive way to provide a smoothed 12V, 1A regulated DC power supply suitable for powering many electronics circuits. It only requires the AC output of a transformer (not supplied).
Input: 12V to 15V AC (Green for transformer connection), Output: 12V DC Max. 1A (2 x Red Positive and 2 x Black Negative)
Components Used: PCB (2.9"x3.9"), Diode, Fixed Voltage Regulator, LEDs, Resistors, Electrolytic Capacitor, Polyester Film Capacitor, PCB Terminal Block, Heatsink etc.
Note: You can customized this Assembled Kit by selecting capacitor and diodes from Available Options.


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