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Resistors Pack - 61 Values Assorted - MFR 1% 0.25W - 610 Pcs

Resistors Pack - 61 Values Assorted - MFR 1% 0.25W - 610 Pcs

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Weight: 192.00g ±5%
Product Code: Assorted-MFR-0.25W-610
Category: Metal Film 0.25 Watt
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Rs 579.00

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610 Pieces, 61 Values (10 Ohms to 1M Ohms) Assorted, Metal Film Resistors, 1% 0.25W Resistor Kit.
Great kit FOR STUDENTS AND HOBBYIST. The Kit consists of 610 pieces different values of resistors. Each value will be in lot of 10 pieces, Individually Wrapped and Labelled.
E12 Series (10E, 12E, 15E, 18E, 22E, 27E, 33E, 39E, 47E, 56E, 68E, 82E, 100E, 120E, 150E, 180E, 220E, 270E, 330E, 390E, 470E, 560E, 680E, 820E, 1K, 1K2, 1K5, 1K8, 2K2, 2K7, 3K3, 3K9, 4K7, 5K6, 6K8, 8K2, 10K, 12K, 15K, 18K, 22K, 27K, 33K, 39K, 47K, 56K, 68K, 82K, 100K, 120K, 150K, 180K, 220K, 270K, 330K, 390K, 470K, 560K, 680K, 820K, 1M)

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